Gracie Alderman

Gracie is a systems analyst who moonlights as a computer consultant for the Blue River Police Department, and as a bookkeeper for her husband’s restaurant, The Baker Street Bistro.

After recovering from double knee replacements, she finds herself getting sucked in to a series of murder investigations, and her inquisitive nature leads her into more trouble than she bargained for.

Max Alderman

Max is Gracie’s husband, chef, and one of the owners of The Baker Street Bistro. He’s a former Army medic who volunteers as a paramedic for the fire department.

Max’s down-to-earth and sensible nature is a bit of a surprise considering who his mother is.

Rosie Pratt

Rosie is Gracie’s best friend and one of the owners of The Baker Street Bistro. She manages the Bistro’s wait staff, and her warm and friendly nature keep the diners coming back. She also fills in as a chef when needed.

Rosie often acts as a sounding board for Gracie as she muses about her cases.

Frank Alderman

Frank is Max’s younger half-brother (on their father’s side) and the Chief of Police for Blue River. While he’s a capable and experienced officer, he also has a mischievous side.

Frank enjoys pushing Gracie outside of her comfort zone, but only because he knows she can handle it.


Moose is a lovable, assertive, and very large Bull Mastiff, who lives with Gracie’s neighbors Debbie and Dan. He frequently visits Gracie and Max, and he might even help foil a few criminals now and then.

Moose was inspired by the author’s own beloved pet, Roscoe.

Mr. Mibs & Mrs. Peabody

Mr. Mibs is a 25lb Maine Coon cat, and Mrs. Peabody is a calico cat. They live with Gracie and Max, and have a love-hate relationship with their neighbor Moose.

Mibs and Peabody make sure Gracie never oversleeps when she has a mystery to solve. And also when she doesn’t.

Lt. “Rich” Richardson

Lieutenant Richardson is a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) officer, first appearing in Book 2. He seems to have a healthy disdain for Blue River and it’s inhabitants.

Richardson’s intimidating demeanor makes us wonder if he’ll be friend or foe, and if Gracie will ever be able to earn his respect.

Det. Carlton Andrews

Detective Carlton Andrews of the Savannah Police Department first appears in Book 3. His willingness to collaborate on the Bourbon Mystery is a breath of fresh air for Gracie after her dealings with Richardson.

Andrews seems to take a keen interest in Blue River…does he have an ulterior motive?

Gator Joe Johnson

Gator Joe is a swamp resident, moonshiner, and an old fishing buddy of Gracie’s father. Surprisingly, he’s also an entrepreneur and owner of a successful distillery.

Gator visits the Bistro and Bakery frequently to keep a fatherly eye on Gracie, Rosie, and the rest of the crew.

Officer Sunny Collins

Officer Sunny Collins is on the Blue River Police Department and is a right-hand to Frank. Known for her high-energy, cheerful disposition, and relentless drive, she finds herself quickly moving up the ranks…but will motherhood interfere?

Sunny is married to the town football coach, who is simply known as “Coach” by all the townsfolk.

Officers Samuelson & Glenbrook

Nicknamed “The Hardy Boys” by Frank, these young SLED officers are ill equipped to deal with the swamps and back roads around Blue River, so Gracie is often tasked with escorting them to some of the more remote crime scenes.

Whenever Gracie joins up with these two, it’s a safe bet they’ll be getting into some type of trouble.

Maggie Wallace

Maggie is President of the Blue River Art Guild. She and her husband Stan also own Vintage Vagaries, the town’s antique shop.

Since Gracie volunteers her IT services to the Art Guild, she and Maggie often work together, and they find themselves joining forces to mitigate the effects of a certain troublemaking artist.

Malcom Dewey

Malcom Dewey is a painter and art instructor at the Guild and the Irons Estate. He resides in a cabin on the Irons Estate grounds.

Known for being pompous and demanding, he’s a recurring thorn in almost everyone’s side. However, he does have connections and seems to have a talent for schmoozing wealthy patrons.

Frank may or may not refer to him as a “horse’s butt”.


Bud is Gracie’s brother. Like Max, he’s a partner and chef at the Bistro, and he volunteers as a paramedic. He and Max served together as Army medics before opening the Bistro. Bud is married to Ellie, who’s known for her baking skills.

Bud and Gracie are close in age and got into many hijinks together as children. They were experts at sneaking out of school and exploring the swamps. Their much younger sisters, twins Bev and Bell, were too little to join in the shenanigans. Bud shares Gracie’s aversion for dress clothes.

Babs and Andy

Barbara “Babs” Van Elfin is a wealthy socialite and Max’s mother. Andrew “Andy” Van Elfin is her son, and Max’s half-brother. Andy is a successful stock broker who lives in Florida, but frequently visits his family in Blue River.

Blue River has several wealthy (and some famous) residents due to its scenic beauty, history, and art community.

While Max shares the family wealth, he prefers a more humble lifestyle. He and Gracie are a bit uncomfortable with Babs’ high society ways.

Ivan Dixon

Ivan is a chef and one of the Bistro partners. He’s also a former Marine. He developed a love of Italian cuisine when he was stationed at embassy in Italy, and led the expansion of the Bistro business to include an Italian restaurant. He has two young children, Gavon and Devona.

Gracie is grateful for both his cooking skills and his combat training.