Book 1: The Baker Street Bistro

How does a systems analyst become more than a computer consultant for the police department? A nighttime robbery of the family restaurant is just the first of a series of unpleasant incidents that drag Gracie into a police investigation and leads her to a surprising discovery about her family history.

Book 2: Bistro Swamp Mystery

Gracie is a retired systems analyst who lives in a small town in South Carolina. She does part time work for her family’s restaurant, the Baker Street Bistro, and some computer work for the local Blue River Police Department. Every now and then she gets dragged into more than computer work. In this case, she winds up in a boat in the swamp with a dead body.

Book 3: Bistro Bourbon Mystery

The Baker Street Bistro is catering the Low Country Bourbon Boys annual banquet and Gracie gets roped into helping out. Things don’t go smoothly and she winds up dealing with more than computer work, like another messy death or two.

Book 4: Bistro Guild Mystery

Besides dealing with extortion and murder, Gracie has to cope with a hurricane in her latest adventure. This situation is particularly challenging, because it hits a little too close to home. This story combines mystery and intrigue with a taste of the south.

Book 5: Bistro Christmas Mystery

The Baker Street Bistro gang have their Christmas celebration spoiled by murder. That leads Gracie and the Blue River Police Department into a New Year full of puzzling events. As Gracie follows the clues, you get a taste of South Carolina and the charming population of Blue River.

Book 6: Bistro Hunting Mystery

When the father of a missing woman ends up dead, Gracie finds herself with two mysteries to solve. Was his death a hunting accident, or is there a connection to his missing daughter? Meanwhile, Gracie’s never ending family and charitable obligations may force her to do the unthinkable…wear a dress!

Book 7: Bistro Flower Moon Mystery

Gracie continues her busy life doing bookkeeping for the family restaurants and consulting with local law enforcement. Their lovely community is plagued with more drug overdoses and the threat of a gang war. Gracie, Sheriff Frank, and the Blue River PD have their hands full as they solve a murder and hunt for the drug boss.

Book 8: Bistro Peppermint Mocha Mystery

A Christmas concert in Blue River is spoiled by the death of a young woman. To complicate matters, Gracie has to deal with a hacking problem at a local pharmaceutical company. All those problems lead Gracie and the Blue River police department on a search for the killer or killers. Will that spoil the upcoming nuptials?

Book 9: Bistro Valentine Mystery

A very famous and handsome actor, Sylvan Farrow, comes to the small town of Blue River to direct the first Theater in the Round production. While many of the townswomen are swooning over him, Gracie has a hard time getting excited after seeing his list of ridiculous demands. Is his visit somehow tied to the recent murders in town?